Interactive Online Biology Lab is an active research project at Riedel-Kruse Lab at Stanford University as part of a Ph.D thesis of Zahid Hossain. The project is now led by Peter Washington. The goal of the project is to develop technologies to provide interactive access to a real biology lab over the Internet at scale for concurrent users. This involves designing and implementing custom hardware, Biotic Processing Units (BPU), software infrastructure with distributed computing and user friendly interfaces.

In this particular online lab, we provide a means to study the phototaxis of a single celled micro-organism called Euglena Gracilis through real experimentation but over the Internet. Users are allowed to run both Live Interactive or Pre-programmed Batch experiments through this website and later download data. Besides videos, the downloaded package contains light data, tracking data of every Euglena cells, and other meta data in Excel and JSON formats. Therefore, users need to only concentrate on experimental design - while running as many experiments as she wants - without having to worry about any wetlab logistics.

Supported by NSF grant #132475.